TomTom integration

About TomTom

TomTom Webleet is a track & tracing system allowing you to track your fleet using a Blackbox.

Odyssee Field Service easily integrates with TomTom Webfleet through its connector to maximize your performance.

TomTom features


Odyssee Field Service connects with TomTom Webfleet in two directions to speed up you field service efficiency.

Odyssee has developed an off-the-shelf connector with TomTom Webfleet.

Although Odyssee Field Service offers already a track&tracing based on the location services of the mobile device, it can be better in some use cases, to use a track & trace blackbox installed in the vehicule like the one of TomTom Webfleet.

What is interfaced?

  • Synchronyze your Odyssee field service technicians and cars with the TomTom drivers & vehicules
  • Get the last known position of the TomTom vehicules
  • Send the new/updated job planning to TomTom

How does it work?

The TomTom connector is an off-the-shelf connector. You only need your TomTom URL, login and password. This setup requires an intervention of the Odyssee support team.

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