Odyssee Service Desk integration

About Odyssee Service Desk

The Odyssee Service Desk is a fully optimized customer portal so customers stay informed about all field service activities executed on their equipments.

Odyssee Service Desk features

In the service desk (customer portal) your customers can:

  • access the full list of their equipments
  • consult the complete work order history related to these equipments, as well access all the documents you make available for them (like work order approvals, ...)
  • check on the maintenance calendar for upcoming interventions
  • create and follow-up on service tickets (according to your Odyssee plan)

How does it work?

Click on the "install" button to access the url of your customer portal.

If you upoaded a logo inside the organization settings (on the portal), this one will automatically be displayed on the customer portal as well.

In the contact details, you can "autorize" your contacts to access the service desk by checking the "service desk login credentials" checkbox.

Odyssee Service Desk integration screenshots

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