AFAS Software integration

About AFAS Software

AFAS Software is a software package to streamline all your business processes. HR and billing, procurement and accounting.

Wello Field Service easily integrates with AFAS Software through its AFAS native connector to maximize your performance.

AFAS Software features


Wello Field Service connects with AFAS Software in two directions to speed up your billing cycle to "same day".

Wello instantly generates invoices in Afas based on:

  • your completed work orders' used parts and worked hours.
  • the service contract invoice rules.

Wello has developed an off-the-shelf connector with AFAS Software. Just your AFAS Software email and password are enough to setup the connection.

What is interfaced?

Optimize your billing cycle like this:

  • Customers, contacts and articles (= spare parts) are synchronized to Wello Field Service. Work order locations are created automatically
  • Pricing and stock locations, including stock levels, are synchronized to Wello Field Service. Each technician's car can be a stock location
  • Use an article as "time" article and link it with an hour type in Wello Field Service
  • Wello Field Service will sent completed work orders back as sales orders to AFAS Software, mentioning used quantities for parts and time, as well as the stock location to substract the parts from. Even the work order reference and extra remarks will be mentioned on the sales order. In AFAS Software you can transform a sales order to an invoice.

How does it work?

The AFAS Software connector is an off-the-shelf connector with easy to follow configuration steps. For each entity, you can decide what to synchronize to Wello Field Service and what to synchronize back.

You only need your AFAS Software login and password to setup the connection

AFAS Software pricing


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